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Why the benefits of spa treatment are long lasting

1. Relaxation

One of the most obvious and known benefits of spa treatment is the relaxation it provides for the participant. From sitting in front of your computer to scoring touchdowns in the NFL, everyone’s day-to-day activities have some form of repetitive muscle usage. This often causes muscle spindles to contract hundreds of times every day. At a given point, these muscle spindles stop relaxing and stay contracted. These result in what the layman refers to as “knots.” Knots are clusters of sustained contracted muscle spindles which causes large buildups of lactic acid, like a kink in a hose causing water to build up. This is what causes the soreness in your neck and shoulders after a long day of sitting in front of your computer.

This tension that is held in the shoulders often presents itself in raised shoulders. You can often consciously notice that you are holding tension in your shoulders and proceed to lower your shoulders; however, over time, your body sill subconsciously raise your shoulders again because your muscle spindles have become acclimated to being contracted, and want to stay contracted. One of the large benefits of spa treatment is that these kinks will be removed, consequently reducing the lactic acid pockets within your muscles. This will ultimately reduce the tension held in your muscles, thus improving your posture and allowing your body to no longer be in a sustained state of contraction for a significant period of time. By definition, this relaxes your muscles, therefore providing you with a large stream of relaxation.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

Another great perk amongst the benefits of spa treatment is that as these kinks are removed from your muscles, the flow of blood through your body should be restored to a more natural state. This increased blood flow allows your body to better remove toxins and distribute nutrients to the body. An example of this was famously displayed by Michael Phelps in the 2016 olympics. Michael Phelps had indulged in one of the benefits of spa treatment though a method called “cupping.” As an elite athlete, he wanted his blood circulation to be optimized so that after each race, he would be able to recover for the next race as quickly as possible, and avoid having to compete while he was still sore. If you have recently gone through surgery, partaking in the benefits of spa treatment can also greatly improve your recovery. After surgery, the body often takes on large amount of swelling especially by the lymph nodes.

This extra circulation will help your body sweep up cellular waste along with the excess toxins and fluids between your cells, subsequently diminishing swelling and causing your body to excrete/remove bad toxins. Even if you are not an elite athlete or post opt, this faster body repair, blood circulation, and removal of harmful toxins is still very beneficial. From these benefits of spa treatment, you will also have a reduction of hypertension and high blood pressure. When your body receives certain spa treatments, it allows your capillaries to expand. This is one of the main mechanisms that allows your blood circulation to improve. To return to the hose analogy, if you are pumping a set amount of water through your hose, the water pressure from the hose will be much higher if the hose is thin (when you put your thumb over the nozzle, you are artificially thinning the hose). In contrast, if you were to widen the hose that you are using, the pressure should decrease. Similarly, if your capillaries expand, the pressure of the fluid passing through should decreased, ultimately lowering your blood pressure.

3. Healthier Skin (Anti-Aging)

Benefits of spa treatment are not just limited to internal body repair. Another huge benefit is the effects that is provided for skin care. There are many spa treatments that open up the pores within your skin allowing you to more easily clean out waste that has collected under the surface of your skin. Most commonly, this comes in the form of removing comedo and other acnes. Comedo comes in two forms, open comedo (black heads) and closed comedo (white heads). Comedos and acnes occur when through clogged hair follicles and skin pores. These clogs often prevent your skin from receiving the essential nutrients as it tempers the skin’s ability to absorb them. When receiving spa treatments and opening up these pores, these clogs are loosened and their removal is much more safe and simple.

If these clogs are not loosened before removal, skin can often be damaged which is most often the cause of acne scars. After shedding your skin of all these harmful clogs, your skin can begin properly absorbing essential nutrients. Well nourished and clean skin has been greatly linked to the delayed onset of skin wrinkles via prevention of thinning and the improved retention of elastin. As your skin begins to thin, it will becomes more fragile which leads to loss if skin tissue. Elastin is the elastic tissue in your skin that allows it to stretch and is responsible for the tightness of your skin. As your skin begins to lose elastin, it will start to wrinkle and sag, thus causing the aging of your skin. When it comes to skin health the reduction and prevention of aging is one of the most prominent benefits of spa treatment.

Your skin and body, however, has many other toxins outside of acne and comedo. Spas often offer detox wraps in order to combat and removes these harmful toxins. Detox wraps, also known as body masks, come in a large cast of products such as mud, clay, gel, seaweed, and synthetic minerals. After these body masks are applied, you are wrapped and covered with materials that provide thermal insulation and a warm blanket for 20-30 minutes. These body wraps stimulate your circulatory system, expand your pores, draw out toxins and impurities, and replace them with minerals that your body may be missing. Afterward, an aesthetician cleanses off the body mask and applies lotion. Basically, this will recharge your body with nutrients and soften your skin.

4. Energizing

Whenever you take a power nap in the middle of the day, you will wake up feeling very fresh and energized even if your nap only lasted 20 minutes. 20 minutes is not enough time for your body to go into REM sleep, but it is enough to allow your heart to periodically slow down and your capillaries to expand. As your capillaries expand, blood flow throughout the body becomes stronger, allowing more blood to reach the brain. As previously mentioned, one of the benefits of spa treatment is the increased blood circulation that comes complimentary with the reduced tension within muscles. The most important task in which our red blood cells are responsible for is the facilitation of the storage, disbursement, and supplementation of oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.

As your blood vessels constrict, it is harder for blood to traverse the body’s circulatory system. This is why people who are extremely overweight are far more likely to deal with perpetual fatigue than physically active people. This healthy blood flow will allow your body to oxidize much more efficiently. As your brain receives more oxygen, it begins working more efficiently and productively. In a sense, giving oxygen to your brain is like giving wood to a fire. This is the same concept that caffeine provides when causing your brain to wake up. Caffeine increases your heart rate, pushing more blood to your brain, and consequently giving your brain more oxygen to work with. One of the most immediately imminent observable benefits of spa treatment is this energizing effect being applies to the entirety of your body.

5. Relieves Chronic Pain

When your muscles endure perpetual contraction, it may build tension and causes some degree of asymmetry in your muscle usage. This will often cause your muscles to pinch nerves or push up into nerves in unnatural ways. When this happens, this causes your body to endure chronic pain. In America, we have a culture that entails that our population is sitting for a long period of time every day. This culminates in a lot of Americans having to deal with lower back pains, and most specifically sciatic nerve pain (also known as sciatica). In America, there are 3 million reported cases of sciatica every year.

This is a very notable percent of our population, and if people were aware of the benefits of spa treatment, this number could be diminished. Spa treatments will relax and loosen muscles. As muscles loosen, they will lower the pressure than are pressed upon nerves which will relieve this pain. Your muscles will revert to pushing up against nerves if you prolong the activity that causes the muscle tension. If your daily activities require you to conduct these activities, such as sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, you should either try to consciously reduce the amount of time you spend doing this, or try scheduling consistent appointments with a spa treatment facility.

6. Improvement of Body Flexibility

If you live a very active lifestyle, there is even more positive effects from benefits of spa treatment that you may get. For many athletes and active people, the range of motion that your muscles can endure is very important for the quality of many of these activities. It allows better, more fluid movement, and lowers your chances of pulling/tearing muscles. First of all, as previously mentioned, one of the benefits of spa treatment is the removal of the “kinks in the hose.” If you think about it, if you muscle fibers were a hose of a given length, it would cover much less ground if the hose had several kinks in it. When you straighten out the kinks the amount of ground the hose covers will increase. To relate that to muscles, this increases the length of the muscle fibers in respect to muscle fibers carrying a lot of tension.

Your muscles are not static though, and they retain a given level of elasticity. One of the benefits of spa treatment, is that the elasticity of your muscles will be exercised. If you compare it to other elastic material, like a rubber band, then you can better imagine what is happening to your muscles in this process. If you take the rubber band and slight stretch it over and over, you will notice that there is an observable decrease in tension when stretching the rubber band to more extreme lengths. It will feel like it is less likely to snap, and the same thing applies to your muscles. When you engage in these spa treatments, your muscles will be loosened therefor allowing you to stretch farther and widen your muscle’s range of motion without the same degree of worry that you will tear a muscle.

7. Access to Premium and Exclusive Natural Products

Lastly, there are benefits of spa treatment that go beyond simply getting an appointment at a spa. Being able to continue with your health benefits at home will sustain all the benefits of spa treatment that you have received. When going to the spa, you are able to purchase products for skin and body care that is not commercially available elsewhere. This means you can better maintain your wellness between spa appointments and keep yourself feeling as healthy as possible.


The benefits of spa treatment are very holistic and can improve your quality of life in a large variety of ways. Helping you destress, feel more fresh and relaxed, and more energized are just a few of the things that you can get from getting spa treatments. Whether you’re an athlete or not, there are many kinks in your body that you may not be aware of, and trying out some spa treatments can surprise you. Even if you already generally feel fresh and relaxed, it is not impossible for a spa to further increase those sensations and your overall quality of life.


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