A Silent Moment Organic Spa Mission

We believe that allowing yourself a silent moment each day— making the present as still as possible— allows for transformation. We believe simple, effective treatment rituals can replenish your consciousness and vitality. Our mission is is to give you an opportunity to surrender yourself in A Silent Moment to restore the beauty and balance within yourself, and to see the world in a new and better light.

Our Commitment to Product

Our uncompromising values define our path as an eco-conscious, socially just company that prides itself on innovative treatments. We seek out globally inspired luxuries that are blended fresh before each treatment. Raw, organic material is sourced from more than 26 countries, and practice as well as imagination are combined to formulate a unique, herbal beauty treatment. At A Silent Moment, you never have to choose between luxurious and natural because our massage, waxing and skin treatments have been carefully selected to meet our commitment.


Our Commitment to Environment

We take our commitment to environmental responsibility just as seriously as our dedication to utterly decadent products. We put our effort into actively sourcing organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. When working with vendors in particularly vulnerable regions, we select and determine our business association with merchants who provide Eco-Cert participation and/or FSC approval in order to protect and promote responsible harvesting and processing methods. Our major suppliers are members of the Organic Trade Association, Co-Op America and the Green Products Alliance.

There is no need to animal test and we are strictly opposed to doing business with vendors whose practices are not aligned with our core values.

25 years, providing our Clients a place of relaxation, healing and beauty.

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More About Us

I believe in the healing power in all of us to be energy stored from within. My passion for alternative healthcare therapies started over 25+ years ago and continues to be a part of my life. My days are personally and spiritually rewarding as I strive to make a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with. I believe that wellness and beauty are far more than skin deep and that anyone can use the spirit within to heal. My personal journey has been an amazing one, I am proud to be a mother of 3 and blessed to have ten grandchildren. I feel my life to be an example of what is possible in such an imperfect world.
I believe life to be lived in the present and in harmony with nature. Capture the best life has to offer with appreciation and value for simple things. Health, Love & Peace.
My service and mission with A Silent Moment Spa is my heart call. It’s my personal way to give back. I am blessed to have the opportunity to customize and select product to better service the needs of our clients without restrictions.
The environment at the spa is very relaxing and renewing. A space I call “My Sanctuary” a reflection of primitive Western and Eastern influence. Our services are customized and those who appreciate the integration of energy healing come to love it.
As an energy healer, I love our exclusive ability to ensure privacy and treatments that are more spiritual. All of our services are exceptional from the products used to the sourcing from indigenous lands worldwide.
I believe products to carry energy and that “Good Energy Sourcing” of products to be worth the investment for it’s purity with fair labor. Knowing that the product used to beautify and therapeutically aid our clients will also help’s communities far away is extremely rewarding.
With tremendous gratitude to Our Loyal Customers for supporting us in bringing

Peace, Love and Healing.

Introducing Customer Loyalty Program

In appreciation and gratitude for our loyal clients support we created a progressive customer loyalty program.  We hold strong to our core value in providing spa services and products found on elite spas around the world. As a private organic spa our journey has been slow but steady.  Our model is exclusive and thereby extending our visitors privacy and exclusivity.

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