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Take a minute to breathe, relax and engage with your inner consciousness. 

With our increasingly busy schedules, self-care often takes a backseat. There is simply no time when it comes to engaging in activities that are relaxing and calming for the body, mind, and soul. When one does find the time, it’s often their environment that prevents them from relaxing. 

Ever tried meditating in a house with roommates or on a busy street? Doesn’t work out too well, does it? In such cases, a spa or a wellness center comes to the rescue. Not only do they have the right ambiance, but the right people and the right treatments that helps relax and rejuvenate. 

The words ‘spa’ and ‘weight management’ are often not used in the same sentence, but what if they should be? 

One of the most underrated treatments options on the market today is the body wrap treatment. The spa body wrap treatment is an effective weight management treatment with additional benefits for basically anyone who wants to try it. At A Silent Moment Spa, we offer various spa packages and treatments, including body wrapping. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about it.

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What is a body wrap treatment?

Also known as body ‘cocoon’, a body wrap is a spa treatment that is used for many health and wellness reasons. These range from enhancing the look and feel of the skin to reduce weight. Most body wraps use nourishing oils and exfoliating agents that remove the dead skin cells and toxins from the body. 

These body wrap treatments differ based on their end result. Many treatments focus on detoxification, hydration, increasing skin nourishment, weight loss and so on. The approach of such treatments differ – some treatments, like cellulite body wrap and slimming body wraps are targeted, because their focus is just on one area of the body. Whereas a detox body wrap treatment would include wrapping the entire body or ‘masking’ it with the required minerals and bandage to make sure that the entire body can avail its benefits. 

How does body wrap treatment help with weight management?

Weight loss and weight management is not easy. Even for those who have been on this journey a long time it’s a challenge, especially when it comes to being the best versions of themselves for a specific event such as a wedding or a holiday. In such cases, a body wrap treatment can do wonders. 

When it comes to weight loss, there are many reasons why body wrap treatments can be useful.  In a body wrap treatment, nourishment and mineralization happens through the tightly wrapped bandages, which ensure that the necessary nutrients are absorbed by the body over the course of the treatment, which can last for 45-90 minutes. During this treatment, there are certain actions that take place that aid in temporary weight loss and weight management.

  1. Remove Water Weight

Because of the tight bandages and nutrients being absorbed, the body releases a lot of excess water, mostly through sweat.  It does so while tightening the skin, resulting in even weight loss.

Water weight is often what exaggerates one body type and makes them look bigger than they actually are. With a body wrap treatment, the excess water stored in the body is released, thus helping shed those extra inches. 

  1. Achieve Body Contouring

When it comes to tightening the skin, body wraps are perhaps some of the most effective treatment options. Many body wrap treatments target specific areas of the body, which often include cellulite and bust wraps. With such body wrap treatments, the body achieves a natural contour, which helps with body shape perception and gives the desired result.

  1. Reduced Cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem for many women, one that has very few solutions available. Fortunately, a spa body wrap treatment is one of them. Cellulite is a fairly common skin condition that normally affects areas like the abdomen, hips, legs, buttocks, and thighs. For those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite, cellulite wrap treatment is a way to go.

The body wrap treatment promotes blood circulation and flushes out toxins which help with reducing cellulite and its visibility. A cellulite wrap treatment also helps with undermining the ‘orange peel-esque’ pattern that is common with those who have cellulite on their body. It also helps with tightening the skin, which further adds to the reduced visibility of cellulite. 

  1. Detoxification 

Detox, the word has been used so many times with different contextual applications that it has almost acquired the status of being overused. However, detoxification is a process that happens naturally within the body and can be stimulated through various external methods, a body wrap treatment being one of them.

At A Silent Moment, we recommend a detox body wrap treatment for those who want to nourish their skin and enhance its look. It is done so by helping the body absorb necessary nutrients and to aid toxins being flushed out of the system. The buzzword, detox, even with its prominence in the beauty industry, is there for a reason. 

The human body needs to revitalize itself from time to time and for the most part, it does the job on its own. By getting a detoxifying body wrap treatment, one is simply nudging the body towards the right direction and aiding it in the process of ingesting minerals and flushing out unwanted toxins.

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Different types of body wrap treatments

It’s safe to say that no two body wrap treatments are alike. The type of body wrap treatment differs based on why it’s being done.

Want to look a few inches thinner for a special occasion like a wedding or honeymoon? Or is the goal to achieve glowing skin for that summer holiday in Hawaii? Consider getting a body wrap treatment prior to any major event or occasion – not only does it help with gaining that extra confidence, it also helps with staying relaxed, looking fresher and also being in a more clear state of mind.

The nutrients, process, type of wrap, duration of the treatment, its end result, depends and differs from person to person. Here are some examples of different body wrap treatments designed to help with various requirements.

  1. Coconut Cream Age Defying Body Treatment

Coconut is almost magical when it comes to smoothing out and nourishing the skin. With the coconut cream age-defying body treatment, the skin gets the nourishment it deserves. Hydrating agents present in the wrap instantly moisturize the skin while coconut cream helps quicken the process and removes tension and dryness from the skin, giving it a younger, richer and fresher appearance.

With this treatment, the skin, which is considered to be the largest organ in the body, gets the pampering it deserves. The benefits of this treatment are far from superficial. When the skin gets the nourishment it requires, the overall wellness and health of the body improve significantly. All the components of this wrap, specifically the coconut cream make sure that the skin stays moisturized and hydrated long after the treatment is over. 

Book a Coconut Cream Age Defying Body Treatment with A Silent Moment.

  1. Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap Treatment

The Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap Treatment is a two-fold approach to nourishing the body. The nutrients and antioxidant properties of blueberry and soy help the body get rid of toxins while providing nutrients with enriching capabilities. Blueberry has more antioxidants than green tea and has great anti-aging and moisturizing properties, all this and it smells like heaven.

This body wrap treatment helps get rid of fat in various problem areas while providing the body with proper nourishment that results in a sculpted body with glowing skin. Any problem area, whether it is hips, waist, arms, thighs can be targeted through this slimming body wrap treatment and the results are noticeable almost immediately. Got an important date coming up with that special someone? It is recommended to get this treatment done earlier in the day or the day before to give the body a chance to relax while maintaining the slimmer body structure.

  1. Coconut Cream Body Scrub Treatment

A scrub treatment is the name of the game when it comes to an exfoliating treatment. Exfoliation refers to the process of removing dead skin cells and allowing the body to produce new, fresh and healthier skin cells. This body scrub treatment carries out the process while ensuring that the body receives no trauma. 

It does so by including coconut cream in the treatment. For people with sensitive skin, this is nothing less than a blessing. Body scrub treatments are often categorized as ‘harsher’ treatments but when complied with the hydrating and moisturizing properties of coconut cream, this treatment shoots two birds with one stone.

Contact us at A Silent Moment Spa to find out more about each of our treatments.

  1. Organic Cellulite Wrap Treatment

The organic cellulite wrap treatment is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of women with the cellulite condition and how it can be tackled. The treatment helps the body to boost circulation and assists with the process of flushing toxins away from the skin and underlying fat cells. The organic cellulite wrap treatment has usually targeted for the bottom, hip and thigh area and to give them a smoother, bump-free appearance and lower cellulite visibility.

  1. Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap

The Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap is a herbal wrap treatment that helps the body in the process of detoxification. It stimulates the process of toxin removal during the treatment period and promotes a healthier nourishing process while doing so. For those who want to expedite the natural cleansing process, this body wrap does the job. 

Our bodies are often deprived of certain minerals and nutrients, for reasons such as diets, lifestyles and other factors. The detoxifying Thai body wrap treatment supplements the body with essential minerals and helps quicken the process of removing impurities. The ideal time to get this treatment is when the body is undergoing any dietary changes and needs that extra boost to make it more effective.

It is recommended to eat clean after the treatment as going on a binge or heavily indulging will likely reduce the impact of this body wrap treatment.

  1. Infrared Body Wrap

Heat is perhaps one of the most effective means of weight management and body contouring. Infrared body wrap treatment uses the power of infrared heat to burn fat and shed inches quickly. This particular type of heat has the capability of penetrating the skin upto 1-1 ½ inches and target fat cells.

It also helps activate sweat glands and improve blood circulation in the target area, which promotes the process of weight loss. With the infrared treatment, the body’s metabolism goes into overdrive, further enhancing the results. They are highly efficient in ‘contouring’ the body, which is why they are mostly targeted treatments.

Many experts recommend getting multiple treatments to achieve the best possible result but the post-treatment difference is highly noticeable, with an average loss of several inches and a couple of dress sizes.

Book any of the above treatments with A Silent Moment Organic Spa here.

Wrapping It Up

These treatments are vastly different than your average visit to the spa or salon. All of these body wrap treatments serve a specific purpose and have a goal that can be achieved. 

For those expecting permanent changes to the body, these treatments aren’t for them, however, the short-term and temporary benefits are undeniable. It’s best to save these treatments for special occasions or events. If someone is suffering from claustrophobia, it’s advisable to skip this procedure, as the treatment involves constricting oneself and being wrapped like a burrito for a considerably long period of time.

Opting for a body wrap treatment can be a great option for women who want to feel more confident in their bodies or just to pamper themselves with some time off and indulging in self-care. There are no considerable side-effects but everyone’s skin and bodies are different and can always react differently to even the safest of treatments. It is recommended that people do their due diligence before opting for any body wrap treatments. 

That being said, getting a body wrap treatment can be an incredibly relaxing and uplifting experience that will rejuvenate, nourish and revitalize the body, mind, and soul. Find out about more of our treatments at A Silent Moment Spa.

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