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We believe the path to wellness begins with the treatment of mind, body and spirit in a relaxing and nurturing environment.


Facial Treatments in Long Beach California

Using advanced organic therapies to aid in healing, giving the skin the ability to strengthen it’s immunity and cope with environmental waste and exposure. A Silent Moment Organic Spa believes that improving the way you feel about your skin’s complexion we can uplift and renew your sense of well being. A positive connection between one’s appearance and attitude can contribute significantly to a better quality of life and energy flow.
A Silent Moment only uses high quality cosmetic products that are organic and vitamin-rich to slow down the aging process; while staying true to our core value of high product integrity. Our customized 30 minute facial services are a perfect solution in between your more intense facial routine (oxygen, organic peels, collagen boosting, clinical volumizing treatments, etc.) to help maintain your skin  without interrupting to your regular face treatments.

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Available Facial Treatments

Basic Facial Treatment
The Basic Facial includes a pre-treatment consultation to determine which products and treatment will be most beneficial. During the facial the skin will be gently cleansed, treated according to the consultation, and moisturized.
Mild Acne
Both adolescents and adults can have oily to normal skin that persistently breaks out and is inflamed, clogged and reactive. Acne can be caused by a number of factors including the overproduction of sebum (an oil naturally produced by skin), dirt and pollution on skin surface, clogged pores, stress and diet. For acne conditions please also see the Pure Perfection Facial.
A Revitalizing Treatment to address fine lines, discoloration, dehydration and loss of elasticity. A powerful cocktail of antioxidants, vitamin C and a vitamin infused thermal oxygen mask to restore and enhance your skin’s youthful radiance. This treatment combines the benefits of exfoliation with a firming mask. GlowBioticMD & Èminence organic products that include antioxidants, Açaí, Naseberry and Stone Crop.   A great treatment for mature skin that can dramatically revitalize and decrease unwanted hyper pigmentation.
A Silent Moment is committed helping you to better combat the aging-process by restoring, rebuilding and discarding expired cells.

Often confused with acne, rosacea appears on the skin as inflammation and reddening on the nose, forehead, cheekbone or chin area. Inflamed capillaries on the skin’s surface give the complexion a red, blotchy or bumpy appearance.

Hyper Pigmentation
Defined by the appearance of dark spots, freckles, scarring or an uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation can affect any skin type and has a large spectrum of severity. Environmental factors, stress, aging and post-inflammatory pigmentation can all be factors in skin tone changes and discoloration. Future damage can be prevented with SPF and products and treatments specifically designed to fade dark spots and hyper pigmentation.
Garden of Youth
Unlike any other collagen transdermal treatment  offered today, the Garden of Youth facial is perfect as a stand alone or post cosmetic procedure treatment.   Here at A Silent Moment we have paired the restorative properties of cold fused ionized collagen & ViPeel without the pain of collagen injections.
The Garden of Youth facial helps improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin; reducing or eliminating age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma; softening lines and wrinkles; clearing acne skin conditions; reducing or eliminating acne scars; and stimulating the production of collagen, for firmer skin and a clearer complexion without injections, lasers, etc.
Radiant, younger looking skin in about a week!
Recovery varies from 3-5 days+ depending on individuals skin condition and aftercare. (Clients may experience a mild brown tone from the treatment, lasting 3-10 days)
This treatment requires preparation, consultation, and commitment to proper aftercare. The Garden of Youth facial is non-evasive; however proper “Before” &  “After” care is essential to achieving desired results. In preparation for this treatment please avoid any photosensitizing topicals or medications for two weeks prior to treatment. This includes retinols, hydroquinone, glycolic acid, and antibiotics.  Tanning or direct sun exposure should be avoided for 2 weeks. A post facial collagen treatment at the spa 3 days after the initial treatment is included and recommended to aid and expedite recovery.
While you may experience dramatic results from the peel as soon as 2-3 days, additional treatments may be needed depending on desired results.
Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating Treatment
Organics Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating System.
Ideal for the concerns of sun damage, aging skin, free radical damage, and hyper-pigmentation.
Treatment incorporates non-harmful anti-bacterial blue light therapy. We recommend 3 weekly blue light treatments following your acne treatment along with a simple at home care.
Pure-Perfection Acne Facial Medical Grade (MD)
Revitalize troubled skin with the latest clinical grade Probiotic acne treatment. Restoring a radiant and clear complexion is top priority so, you will experience the most aggressive acne treatment of it’s kind while at the same time rehydrating  and balancing depleted skin to a healthy youthful glow. Pure-Perfection includes an anti-bacterial complex to clear bacteria and “Take Control” anti-microbial peptides derived from plant amino acids to clear active acne. This is a non-evasive treatment; however, discomfort and peeling is normal in some individuals. Back Facial and Body Pure Perfection MD Treatments are available! Consultation is required. Price varies and is determined upon consultation. 
Treatment incorporates non-harmful anti-bacterial blue light therapy. We recommend 3 weekly blue light treatments following your acne treatment along with a simple at home care. 
Blue light is effective to combat 99.99% of acne bacteria by reaching live bacteria deep in pores. Light treatment alone, however, only treats blemishes and pimples after the fact.
Hormones, diet, stress and lifestyle can determine or results:
At home after care treatment is recommended!!!
Upon request, back facial treatment is also available. (pricing varies) 
Calm It & GlowBiotics Recovery Medical Grade (MD)
Hypersensitive, post-procedure and dry to very dry skin, don’t stand a chance with the healing properties of this crafted treatment.
The gentle healing properties of Rosehip and Maize are a perfect solution for rosacea, sensitive or sunburned skin. Organic plant extracts, vitamins and minerals work together to provide immediate comfort.  Unique lipo-oligopeptides,antimicrobial properties and active ingredients to reduce redness, and itching associated with: eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and wrinkle-prone skin.
Highly effective vitamin C, antioxidants, and collagen serums are infused with a Thermal Oxygen Mask and the latest dermal collagen rebuilding techniques to improve skin’s health and elasticity.


*At home care is recommended

Probiotic Youth Boost & Resurfacing Treatment in Long Beach
The first-ever volumizing facial treatment featuring the youth-boosting powers of topical probiotic bioactives. Get ready to bring about a more youthful looking self!
A perfect alternative to the high cost and extended recovery time of chemical peels.  What makes this treatment a perfect option instead of a chemical peel? Probiotic Youthboost utilizes new, revolutionary strengthening and volumizing technology designed to regenerate the skin from within.  While traditional chemical peels have their place, this treatment is aligned with the philosophy of avoiding injury to stimulate regeneration of healthier, youthful, radiant skin. 
A healthy lifestyle, good daily habits and awareness of what you put in and on your body all contribute to the health and appearance of your skin. 
A Probiotic Youthboost treatment and home care products are combined the to make the  ultimate in skincare solution. Experience a deeper connection to your skin, health and wellness through the innovative science of topical probiotics, key peptides, micronutrients and superior delivery systems. This treatment mimics and supports how the skin repairs, defends and heals itself for profound results.
Short recovery time of 48 hours+ depending on individual skin condition.
Turn back time and look amazing!
Totally different than other chemical acid peels:
Works from the inside out
No excessive peeling
No down time
Instant Results
Long Term Benefits
Wrinkle relaxing
* For best results, add  Bi-weekly collagen treatments!
Mimosa Facial in Long Beach
Year Round Favorite’s
Your skin will enjoy the benefits of this intoxicating facial. The Mimosa Facial starts off with a deep pore cleanser followed by a lactic acid peel prep. A powerful vitamin C mix is massaged into the face and neck to promote cell repair and boost collagen production. Extractions are done if needed, followed by an application of oxygen serum.
Multi-Vitamins, Serums and other essential skin boosters guide your skin to a healthier glow and fresh awakening.
Red Wine Chocolate Facial Therapy in Long Beach
Year Round Favorite’s
Indulge with collagen enhancing, age defying facial treatment.
A cocktail of powerful treatment. Antioxidants from red wine, cherries, pomegranates, wild cherry bark extract, acai berries and date seeds will prepare your skin to for your treatment.  Relax as the chocolate masque works out imperfections while toning, firming and treat premature aging at any stage.
Enzyme exfoliation and chocolate masque may experience rosy, pink complexion following treatment.
Detox & Glow Skin Care Treatment in Long Beach
Year Round Favorite’s
Detoxify sluggish skin and with the aging  natural phyto-hormones and vitamins found in our Blueberry Detox Peel. Oxygenating nettle extract and cold fused collagen serum application will give your skin the clarity and restore texture and firmness.


A great pick-me-up before an event or a special occasion!

Additional Treatments

Pear & Poppy Seed Polisher in Long Beach
Polish your skin to perfection with the natural microdermabrasion of poppy seeds and fine walnut. Scrumptious pear and apple infuse your skin with bioflavonoids and antioxidants.
All signs of rough, dry skin will be smoothed away to leave a glowing complexion. A perfect add on to any facial. Maximum benefits are attained after a series of sessions.
Pumpkin Enzyme Skin Care in Long Beach
Thankfully this Yam and Pumpkin puree is available all year long. Wrinkle depth is reduced, fine lines fade and hyper-pigmentation is deminished from mass amounts of antioxidants and age defying nutrients. Loaded with yam, pumpkin, pineapple, willow bark and green tea, the Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment truly refines the skin and boosts collagen. 
Hyper-Pigmentation Enzyme in Long Beach
The hyper-Pigmentation lightening enzyme contains a potent combination of natural and organic skin brighteners to aid effectively tyrosinase inhibitors, while providing nutrients to calm and reduce production of oxygen free radicals.  Fruit enzymes provide a gentle exfoliation as they digest expired skin cells for effective penetration of brightening enzymes. Excellent choice for problematic skin, as this is an anti-bacterial and cleifying treatment with minimal post-inflammation  option
Aqua Marine with Caviar Treatment in Long Beach
Height-intensity treatment combining a unique cell renewing,antioxidant,anti-inflammatory and firming treatment. A perfect cocktail of fruit acids, retinols, blue-green algae with superb properties to indulge your skin on it’s journey to an overhaul skin rejuvenation.  Acne,Dry,Fine Lines, Minor Pigmentation, Loss of elasticity, Sun Damage and Dehydration.
Collagen Treatment in Long Beach
A one of a kind treatment without the pain of injections.
Experience the age defying results of this formula for yourself.
The Edelweiss plant, which originates in Switzerland, is of interest even beyond it’s stem cells as it is able to grow in extremely arid climates with minimal water and  freezing temperatures. Specifically, the edelweiss plant contains various leontopodic acids, which have extremely high antioxidant activity. 
This collagen treatment, enriched with Edelweiss stem cells, has gotten the attention of celebrities,  press and individuals seeking break throughs in non-evasive collagen volumizing treatments. A non-immunogenic, original compound, developed by distinguished doctors in Asia  for tissue and bone regeneration with remarkable transdermal cosmetic use.
Safe for sensitive skin and individuals looking to improve collagen, texture, discoloration, acne scaring and post laser and chemical peels.
Thermal Probiotic Enzyme Treatment in Long Beach
Next Generation bioactives and plant enzymes help combat the visible signs of aging and dehydration while enhancing the skin.  This is a powerful dual enzyme treatment following an application of vitamin C and antioxidants that will leave your skin radiant by the end of your lunch break.  A perfect fix before a special occasion, meeting or just because.

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