Organic Celluite Wrap Treatment

This stimulating body wrap helps regenerate collage fibers, increases oxygen uptake to skin cells and burns fat cells in fatty tissue to improve cellulite condition through better circulation. Your thermal wrap is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants from ivy, honey to hydrate and nourish, paprika and nettle to stimulate and combat free radicals.

Best results are achieved when body wrap therapies are used in conjunction with a Therapeutic Massage Treatment

90 minutes per session

For better results, a weekly series of 6 is recommended. 

Infrared Body Wrap

Relieve chronic aching pain and increase joint flexibility:

Recent studies have shown infrared technology calms the nerves that sense and send the signals of pain to the brain. Within the cocoon of an infrared wrap the nerves are soothed allowing the muscles they supply to deeply relax. Increased blood flow allows muscles to flush toxins and receive vital biologic components for healing. The body’s natural process is augmented by rich emollients applied to the skin infused with herbs and oils mixed to support your unique process. Effects are cumulative yielding deeper relief every time you lie inside; however from day one you’ll notice reduced pain and improved flexibility in your problem areas.

Best results are achieved when body wrap therapies are used in conjunction with a Therapeutic Massage Treatment.

Reduce stress and fatigue

Burn 600 + calories per wrap
Dramatically reduce cellulite
Completely invigorate the body
Detox waste and impurities
Improve your immune system
Increase blood circulation
Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Aid and expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR DETOXING! Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Infrared therapy thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals – toxic substances from food processing – lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue.

Preparation for this treatment is essential and recommended

24-48 hours prior to treatment- NO-Alcohol , smoking, Caffeine or fasting.                  

Water: 12-14  Glasses of water day before and sufficient hydration on day  of  treatment.                                

Lean protein 1-2 hours prior to treatment!  Health issues or concerns: Consult your primary physician with any recommendations prior to starting any exercise, weight management or detox program.   Individual results may vary depending upon commitment to healthy nutrition, exercise and balance life style.

*Treatment Includes 20 minute Scalp & Neck Massage


Relieves nervous tension and relax autoneuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated.
Strengthens the Immune System by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

Strengthens the Cardiovascular System by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase, and diastolic blood pressure decrease~ A perfect add on to your therapeutic or deep tissue treatment’s!

Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Hair Treatment

Relieve chronic aching pain and increase joint flexibility:

Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Treatment is a supercharged weekly restorative treatment that delivers a potent cocktail of essential nutrients for hair and scalp. Pro-Vitamin B5 increases the strength of the hair shaft and prevents damage caused by overheating as it tames split ends. Wheat protein works overtime to boost body while organic hibiscus extract helps manage dandruff and restores silkiness to all hair types. Finally, a blend of organic shea butter, real honey and macadamia nut oil feed the hair and lock in moisture…sexy, shiny, beautifully soft hair is within your reach.

Please note that the professional version of this product is not recommended for use on lightly-colored hair, due to the inclusion of natural hibiscus petals.

Aid and expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

+Coconut Cream Body Scrub Treatment

Award Winning

Relax and indulge with this hydrating body/ massage scrub treatment. 

Exfoliate your skin with this sugar scrub while you enjoy the aroma of virgin coconut oil’s deeply  hydrating properties.                                                                                 Winner of Best Sugar Scrub, Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2016, Dermascope 2016 

Aid and expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

*Body  Treatment*


+ Cooling Peppermint Body or Reflexology Treatment

Our cooling peppermint utilizes natural essential oils to deliver a brisk cooling sensation as rich emollients, exotic fruit extracts and nourishing butter work to smooth, hydrate and refine your body.                                

Amazingly natural and intensely nourishing, it’s the perfect choice to sooth your body.

Press for time?… 30 Minute Reflexology Treatment will relief and hydrate your feet


Aid and expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

Body  Scrub/Massage

+ Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap & Massage

An innovative fusion of rice bran oil, green tea leaves and extract, creamy coconut and crisp lemongrass forms the basis of this luxurious spa treatment. Detoxifying clays pull toxins from deep within your skin as pure cane sugar sloughs expired cells to reveal a radiant complexion.

Massage & Treatment

+ Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap Treatment

Award Winning

This firming and hydrating body wrap stimulates circulation to refine and strengthen the appearance of your skin’s structure. Relax and enjoy over a 30 minute Swedish massage application, 30 Minute infrared wrap. (90 Minute treatment, 30 Minute massage, 60 Body Wrap, Xpress Face Treatment (while in wrap)

Your treatment is complete with a sparkle, shine from concentrated nutrients of blueberries and shea butter that will leave your skin looking firm and soft with a subtle shimmering glow. Perfect for any special occasion

Blueberry: high in antioxidants

Guava Leaf Extract: antioxidant

Ground Poppy Seeds: exfoliating

Fucus Vesiculosis Extract: derived from seaweed; stimulating

Bupleurum Falcatum Extract: a Chinese plant extract

Bilberry Leaf Extract: antioxidant; source of flavonoids

BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin.

Body  Massage/Wrap

+ Citron & Coconut Cream Age Defying Body Treatment

Visibly lift and firm the look of skin with this fountain of youth body treatment. Rich in Vitamin C and other essential oils to re hydrate and repair the appearance of damaged skin.  Your treatment will begin with an application of coconut cream scrub… Treatment is perfect for Dry Skin, Sun Damaged Skin, Pre-matured aged Skin… Award Winning AWARD WINNING